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Who are we?

From more than twenty years of experience of the owner was born Lycnos.

From the original core specializing in audio services, the skills have expanded to the web sector, thanks to collaborations with professionals at first external (freelance) and then integrated into the permanent staff.

From the first experiences of web design we expanded to web marketing implementing all aspects.

The last acquisition is the video competence, while graphics is carried out at an essential level, as a simple corollary of web services, with some exceptions for editorial graphics which is carried out at a more professional level.

A small and dynamic company with a solid past but projected into the future.

And we're happy to cooperate with you.

Multidisciplinary competence

Who are we?

The multidisciplinary competence leads us continuously to work in synergy, which improves the approach to services by stimulating creativity and incisiveness.

In fact, it is not uncommon to have to prepare an entire routine of brand-enhancement that brings into play elements of audio, video, web, graphics and other genres, in a winning collage coordinated by a single signature director.

This also translates into savings for the client in terms of time, coordination effort and money.

For this reason our brand is Lycnos - Multimedia Web Agency.

It's us



Management, Concept, Web Design, Audio, Music, Video Shooting, Color Grading


Concept, Text Processing, Video Shooting and Editing


Web and App Development, Web Assistance

Google Reviews

Veronica SajaVeronica Saja
13:31 10 Apr 21
Very good availability, professionalism and operational speed. Also very good after-sales service (a website for my business). I recommend it without hesitation.
Joy M.Joy M.
13:01 10 Apr 21
Alessandro from Lycnos convinced me to run an advertising campaign using Google Ads and the results were already visible in the first week. He also implemented my website with a blog connected to social media, so I can now publish a post simultaneously on several platforms in a single operation. Thank you very much, Alessandro, I will definitely need your help again.
Marina MasalaMarina Masala
12:51 10 Apr 21
*RECENSION 05*We are a start-up company, and as such we had to set up the entire image of the business from scratch, from the creation of the logo to the development of the website and related e-commerce with a visual configurator (outstanding) with a view to Seo and Web and Social Marketing. Lycnos also directly took care of the entire production of the product photo shoot for the e-commerce as well as the graphics for the printed catalogue. We received excellent and numerous feedback in a very short time. As a matter of course, we will definitely continue to work with Lycnos in the future.
Francis BOZFrancis BOZ
12:12 10 Apr 21
So far nothing to say.Indeed: SENSITIVITY, COURTESY, COMPETENCE. I add: EMPATHY.I have experience with others before him, at the moment unique.We are almost at the end of the site completion and I can already recommend him VIVELY.Simply THANK YOU Alessandro!
Maddy FoisMaddy Fois
12:01 10 Apr 21
I needed web marketing advice for my daughter's new business and contacted Alessandro from Lycnos. We devised some effective strategies by crossing different digital, social, web and mailing marketing gimmicks. As a result there was almost a doubling of contacts within a couple of months and the trend is still growing. I am more than satisfied and I absolutely recommend it, also for the great helpfulness shown.

And these are our customers


3A - Associated Assignees Arborea - Milk Arborea

ABS Italy

Afro Dance of Donatella Padiglione

Entertainment Agency Gianni Porcu

Entertainment Agency Ninni Tomasiello

Entertainment Agency R&G Music

Entertainment Agency Vincenzo Vadilonga


Ala Birdi Resort

Aldo Imerito

Alessandro Dongu

Alessandro Fois Variety Show

Alverio Cau

AM Shows of Antonello Mele

Amelie Gavaudo

Amr Top

Amr Top Italia

Andrea Cutri

Antiochus Mattana

Applause Shows

Cultural Association Assaparte

Cultural Association Carruccana

Cultural Association Hanife Ana

Cultural Association La Memoria Storica

Cultural Association Les Artistes d'Amelie

Padentes Association of Desulo

Association United for Music of Ploaghe

Attilio Manca

B&B Percorso Verde

Balilla Free

Bar Blu Day Guesthouse

Beach Volley Sardinia

Beauty Essence Parrucchieri di George


Benito Urgu

Library of Macomer

Bolero - Musical Variety Show

Calendar - Fright Group

Carlo Virdis Grafica

Cartomancy The Light of the Sun

Caterina Cimino

Performing Arts Centre of Nino Fais

Coebi Furniture


Colour Dream

Boghes de Domo Musical Company

Comune di Curcuris

Municipality of Desulo

Municipality of Fonni

Municipality of Martis

Municipality of Mazzarino

Municipality of Oristano

Municipality of Ulassai

Mountain Community n°12 Barbagia Mandrolisai

Consuelo Lallai

Choral Res Nova of Terralba

Tenor Choir of Abbasanta

Tenor Choir of Neoneli

Polyphonic Choir of Abbasanta

Polyphonic Choir of Aidomaggiore

Polyphonic Choir of Aritzo

Polyphonic Choir of Baunei (Montesantu)

Polyphonic Choir of Bonorva (Pauliccu Mossa)

Polyphonic Choir of Busachi

Polyphonic Choir of Cabras (Pierluigi da Palestrina)

Polyphonic Choir of Cheremule

Polyphonic Choir of Desulo (female)

Polyphonic Choir of Fonni (Su veranu - female)

Polyphonic Choir of Iglesias

Polyphonic Choir of Macomer (City of Macomer)

Polyphonic Choir of Macomer (Melchiorre Murenu)

Polyphonic Choir of Masullas (Sa Gloriosa)

Polyphonic Choir of Oristano (Maurizio Carta)

Polyphonic Choir of Ortueri (Santu Nigola)

Polyphonic Choir of Ovodda

Polyphonic Choir of Ozieri

Polyphonic Choir of Paulilatino (San Teodoro)

Polyphonic Choir of Terralba

Polyphonic Choir of Tonara (female)

Polyphonic Choir of Tonara (male)

Polyphonic Choir Voci Bianche Bellini of Oristano

Cristian Cocco

Cristiano & Elisa - Bride and groom

Cristina Fois


DanaEMusica - Loredana Sanna

Daniel Sanna

Danilo Santucci

Davide Barattini Running Coach

Davide Marras

Davide Urgu

Del Piano Motors

Delphina srl

Dico Discount

Diego Figus - NYO


Direzione Didatt. Statale III Circolo - Oristano Elementary School Sacro Cuore

Direzione Didattica Statale II Circolo - Oristano Elementary School Via Bellini


DoReMi Shows

Ecotec Group

Ecotec Sardinia

Helium & Shannon - Newlyweds

EM Music

Team 84

Erika Gamberoni

ES New Style di Elisabetta Serra

F.D. Management & Service SRL (Felice D'Ascoli)

Doctor Floris Pharmacy


Festival Artes et Sonos of Ruinas

Naples Festival

Forte Hotel Village

Francesco Niola

De Mar Brothers

Frorìas (Editions)

Gavino Murgia

Giambattista Longu

Giampriamo Incollu

Gianni Garau

John Gobbi

Joseph Giglio

Giuseppe Melis

Giuseppe Nonnis

Horse Country

Hotels Cala di Volpe

Hotel Club Cala Ginepro

Hotel La Bitta

Hotel Mediterraneo - Cagliari

Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano

Hotel Valle dell'Erica


Immagine Donna di Patrizia Espa


Island Song

Iuri Melis

JService - Web Agency

La Dolce Vite

La Girandola of Tonino Oggiano

Las Vegas

Liberum Verbum

Lidia Murgia

Lucio Lutzu


Malinda Mai

Marcello Gobbi

Marcello Ledda

Maria Giovanna Cherchi Mariano Garau

Mariano Garau

Marina Desogus

Massimo Ferra

Massimo Pitzalis

Massimo Tore

Wedding Music

Maxim's - Geneva

Mitsubishi Italy

Moulin Rouge

Carafa Museum of Mazzarino

Sanna Museum of Sassari

Wedding Music

Music for Wedding

NAR International - Mario Limongelli

Naturwaren - D'Oliva

Nico and his Fidenco

Nòa Productions

Norok Club Monaco

Star Notes

Starry Night

Nova Television

Nova Television

New Home Real Estate

New Angels

Nutritionist Marzia Delitala

Ophthalmologist Dr Giorgio Mattana

Olimpia Shows


Paola Minello

Paolo Cocco

Patrizia Rossetti

Phonic Tricks

Pier Francesco Loche

Pierluigi Carola

Pirina Scream


Province of Oristano

Psychologist psychotherapist Alessandra Trianni

Psychologist Psychotherapist Susanna Scartoni

Quick Learning Academy di Davide Marras

Autonomous Region of Sardinia

Autonomous Region of Sicily

Riccardo Girardi

Arghentu de Mare Restaurant

Roberto Pellegrini

Roberto Zedda

Salvatore Garau

Sandra Trudu

Sas Bokes

Sebastian Meloni

Municipal seat

Selection srl


Sigma Supermarkets

Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage SS and NU

Sport Hotel Teresa - Pedraces

Star Music by Yves Mamou

Stefano Incani

Studio Web



Theobald knocking

Tequila Bum Bum

Tore Melis

Trend & Fashion by Filippo Serra


Tronus Guitars

Ubaldo Lampis

Vini Italiani

Walter Atzori

Ydro Rex

Yep Campers